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 The very first "peace tile," named for the 

 joyful experience of a father-daughter


 The first Peace Tiles murals were installed in December 2005 as part of World AIDS Day commemorations in South Africa, India and the Global Fund headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.


Peace Tiles began as a creative encounter between a father (that's me) and daughter. Inspired by the work of artist and friend Sam Gilliam, my daughter (then four) and I were working one winter's day in the basement, spreading gloriously saturated colors around on wood panel and finding ways to attach pieces of paper to the acrylic paint.


When the pieces had dried, I had an inspiration:

"Kiddo," I asked, "What if I cut up these pieces and we could rearrange them, like a puzzle?"

For the next hour I cut up the artwork into squares that my daughter could rearrange. When she was finished I glued them together and the essence of Peace Tiles was born.

Today the Global Peace Tiles Project is both a process and a movement. It is a way of understanding creativity, voice, and learning as interconnected processes. When working together they form a powerful experience that builds joy, confidence, and connection with others.

Since 2005 the Peace Tiles process has been used in more than 25 countries to involve youth and adults in creative exchange about a range of topics – from HIV/AIDS to the environment, peace building to civic leadership. The process is totally open and you are invited to use it to engage your community and connect with others. If you need help getting started, reach out - we'd love to help!

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